About us

Essentially, Icebreakers is a self-help, mutual support group. Our members establish social networks through the group and often make lifelong friendships. We’ve been here since 1986 and thousands of men have used the group.

We must be getting something right!

During the Covid pandemic group meetings are every Wednesday at 8pm on line. Once the pandemic is over we hope to renew face to face meetings again.

We hope that after you have been coming for some time, you will develop new friendships and a social network. Members usually leave once they have done that, because their main reason for attending Icebreakers no longer exists. Once that happens, we feel that we have done our job!

What happens at an weekly meeting?

For more information about Icebreakers and to find out about coming to a meeting, contact the LGBT Foundation’s Help Desk service on 0845 3 30 30 30. Operators are available to help from between 10am & 10 pm Mon – Fri, 6 pm & 10pm weekends.

Mobile users, please call 0161 235 8035 for the same service.

You can also e-mail the group at info@icebreakersmanchester.org.uk – this is normally checked daily.