Code of Ethics

This is the code of conduct that all Icebreakers volunteers adhere to. By providing it here for you to read, we hope it will help you to understand the ground-rules for how the volunteers and clients interact, and reassure you that the group is run in a professional and sympathetic way.

As volunteers:

  1. We will not discriminate against anyone who fulfils the criteria to be a user of Icebreakers
  2. We will not accept personal mail or gifts from Icebreakers service users
  3. We will not divulge our surnames to service users
  4. We will not give out our telephone numbers to any service user except in exceptional circumstances, nor divulge our home addresses
  5. We will aim to maintain a professional distance with service users at all times
  6. We will not give lifts to, nor accept lifts from, service users unless there is a non-client with us
  7. We will maintain the confidentiality of service users, although information may have to be shared amongst volunteers
  8. We will not tell service users what to do; we will instead encourage them to explore issues and alternatives then let them make their own decisions
  9. We will not interfere with service users’ relationships. However, it is part of our role to protect vulnerable people whilst they are in the LGBT Foundation’s building
  10. We will try to avoid allowing ourselves to be alone with a service user outside the context of the group
  11. Icebreakers volunteers will not have relations with a service user for any period that the user attends Icebreakers and for some time afterwards
  12. If any of these codes are broken the volunteer will ensure that the other volunteers are told as soon as possible, so that the group can discuss what action is necessary
  13. If a volunteer already knows an individual who then becomes a client, this information will be disclosed to the other volunteers, or at least to the Chair of the group
  14. We will be punctual
  15. We will look after ourselves … and each other